View Full Version : where do they come up with the names for facilities?

Oct 08 2017, 11:45 AM
this might seem nit-picky, sue me...

not so long ago, when i loaded farmtown, i got a little popup telling me about the taste of spain, taste of china, and the 'shelf genie', among others... the popup itself isn't a problem - it's informative, and it goes away with a click; now, can anyone tell me why, when i go to the store, click on 'facilities', filter out the ones i own, and look for 'shelf genie' - just like it's spelled here - i can't find it?? they have a 'shelf gennie' (with 2 N's), which makes no sense at all, unless 'gennie' is some foreign word for a shop full of multi-purpose goods... and there's no editing the facility's name, either - it would appear to be a programmer's gaffe...

that's my rant, happy farming!