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badcompany_78 Dec 28 2020 09:04 AM

I would love to see some Dutch canal houses, and Thatch roof houses and barns that are a bit more colorful. some all animal stables could also uses a 'switch view'

closerfan Feb 12 2021 09:47 PM

Could you create a gold mining facility?

derfischmac Mar 10 2021 12:34 PM

hows about a "turbo" semi truck? im constantly short of yeast ...

chucke.catz Mar 14 2021 01:40 AM

How about a focus on green energy? So a Super Semi-Truck that is 100% faster but runs on electric power that's wind, wave, solar produced. There are several facilities that need to be acquired... but we can go with a phase out of oil for energy!

keith of maisie farm uk Mar 28 2021 03:12 AM

i got a suggestion why not have loadable airplanes so we can send cargo by air just like in real life... after all farm town is real right?? Apr 06 2021 03:28 AM

Energy crisis
Farm nowadays have the size 50x50 and many people layer the farm up to 8-9 times. Especially on holidays people want to spend more time on their farm. How productive you can be depends on the fuel reserves. The 4x gift machine was a move in the right direction. But to be honest, we don`t want to spend so much time on gifting. And you want to sell more farmcash as that is what keeps you going on.

Issue: I have one oil pump on each farm and bought for each farm an oil rafenery. But this won`t in any case satisfy my thirst for fuel as I need more than 4 (batches as day) x 17 fuel tanks (each batch) = 68 x 300 gallons each fuel tank = 20.400 self produced fuel, while I need approx 50x49 fields x 8 plots (overlay) = 19.600 x 2 (sow and harvest) = 39.200. So even with all the other adds at the fuel station, I`m lost !!!

My suggestion:

Similar to the solar plower, you should add an option to "upgrade" the harvest-plow-seeder RR with electric systems (which also fits in the modern times). That will get us ridd of the fuel crisis (4 batches of fuel each day, each batch 17 fuel canisters per farm). Alternatively if you want to sell more farmcash, what about selling powerplants (run by coal / fuel / nuclear) which produce energie or solar paddles or windtowers (alternatively so that people can decide). If you want you can even connect this issue to the facilities which you might want to connect to energy usage. In any case I want to get ridd of the fuel restriction (which can stay unless you are are willing to upgrade for cash). By that I can concentrate more on planting than on recieving gifts which is annoying.

MedMgr Apr 26 2021 09:34 PM

New Facility suggestions
I would like to suggest adding an Alternative Medicine Supplies and Alternative Medicine Shop. Stock could include acupuncture needles, medical "gummies", the cousin to hemp plants, massage tables, massage oils, yoga mats, incense, and I am sure there are more. We are able to purchase "Western medicine" facilities, but there is a real growth in alternative medicine.
The other suggestion would be for a Quilt Shop, and Quilt Supplies Factory. Stock could include different fabrics, quilting hoops, wall hanging supplies, etc. There are a lot of FarmTown players who also do a lot of sewing.

Palmarina Jun 07 2021 12:06 AM

Can we please have a service facility to upload the pancakes? Pancakes use a lot of good ingredients, but we can not upload the pancakes. Please?

turbo terry Jun 20 2021 08:37 AM

I have disabled the following facilities due to a lack of Service Facilitys to offer the products
bank - beach bar - bread factory - british pie shop - deli - fish cannery - french creperie - grandma' s country kitchen - healthy juice stand - house of pancakes - - shaved ice cart - tropical shakes stand
I would appreciate it if someone could come up with uses for the products they produce - do not like to have to waste funds just to sell products in the market place - i sell enough non-ingredients

wolfman39531_2007 Jun 24 2021 04:31 PM

Additions to fair food building
In the past and a strong Southern U.S. tradition, a pusharata which is actually a croatian doughnut sweet treat, made with pecans, whiskey or bourbon, cake ingredients, they are fried, and when cool. dipped in a glaze, really good, and also a blooming onion, which deep fried, angel hair onion rings.

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