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Raul Jul 28 2011 11:46 PM

New Release -- July 28th, 2011
See Known Issues, Bug Fixes and Post-Launch updates at the end of this post.

Hi There,

We just released a new version of the game with the following features and bug fixes:

1. Per-facility Start All button: Last week we enabled the Start All button at the facility level, so if you own the right tool, you will be able to start all productions for one product or all productions for all products in a facility with only on click.

2. Mixer (FC): This tool allows you to Start All productions for a product with one click on any of the 8 Mixing Facilities:

Ink Factory, Ice Cream Factory, Dairy Processing Plant, Rubber Factory, Essential Oils Plant, Metal Mill, Glass Factory and Ceramic Factory

3. 22 New products for existing facilities: (Coming in the next few days)

Facilities in Coins: Rhubarb Pie (Bakery), White Pizza (Pizza Restaurant), Maple Syrup (Sugar Refinery), Pistachios (Snack Factory), Fish Oil Tablets (Remedy Shop), Artichokes Extract (Remedy Shop), Sandpaper (Paper Mill), Yellowtail Sushi (Sushi Restaurant), Italian Sandwich (Sandwich Restaurant), Pancakes (Bakery), Pancakes with Syrup and Bacon (Breakfast Restaurant)

Facilities in FarmCash: Eggplant Parmesan (Pasta Restaurant), Fine Clay Pot (Ceramic Factory), Chocolate covered Peanuts (Confectionery), Crab Cakes (Seafood Restaurant), Fish Oil (Oil Factory), Bacon Wrapped Trout and Rosemary (Dinner restaurant), Zucchini Wrapped Grouper and Cauliflower Mash (Seafood Restaurant), Pizza Seasoning (Spice Factory), Bird of paradise and Red poppy in Pot (Flower Shop), Blue Hyacinth and Marigold in Pot (Flower Shop), Lentils Soup (Soup Restaurant)

4. Belt Dryer (FC): This tool allows you to Start All productions for a product with one click on any of the 8 Drying Facilities:

Chocolate Factory, Coffee Grinder, Spice Factory, Papermill, Instant Food Factory, Drying Facility, Cinnamon Factory and Pasta Factory

5. Log Truck with Chainsaw 3 x 3 (Coins): Chop up to 9 trees at once. This tool can not be used when working for others.

6. Design this Farm Together: For people who likes designing farms, you now have the option to invite other users to help design your farm. You just need to click the user avatar and select 'Design this Farm Together'. This feature will enable several users to join forces to design the best farm out there, or for one user to learn some design tricks from the most experienced ones. These are the rules:

- You can invite several users at the same time to design in your farm
- The owner of the farm needs to be present at all times in the farm. Once the owner navigates from the current farm the collaborative design will stop working. Another way to cancel is to select 'Cancel Design Farm Together' from the Avatar menu.
- Other users can only move non-farmcash items from one place to another, no other operations are allowed, like buying new items.
- In the future, other users will be able to rotate items as well.

7. Add to Animal Building tool in extended tool box: This will allow you to click continuously in animals to add them to their buildings. It will do the same when moving animals out of their buildings into the farm. It works similar to the Add to Item Storage tool.

8. More popups removed when using:

Yellow Edit Hand Tool
Arrows to pan or when Zooming
Adding animals to buildings
Visit neighbors message when clicking outside the farm
When you move items from item storage to farm a few times, the add to item storage related popups will go away
Message Box warning about Capacity Reached in facilities is now shown only once per product

9. Better visibility of stored products: When mouse over a product icon in the store, the last line on the tooltip will tell you how much you have in storage. Also, there is a new sort option in the store to order by Stored Amount, products with few quantities in storage will appear first. Locked products will appear at the end of the list.

10. Other Improvements and Bug fixes:

- The farm selector now shows fertilized farms with a yellow glow so you don't need to navigate to each farm to find out
- When you receive a Hire Request dialog in the market, you will not see any more requests until you accept or close the current one. This will avoid accepting the wrong hire request
- When you are hiring someone, when you go to select the target farm/farms, the current farm is now highlited
- The neighbours list at the bottom now show first online neighbours rank, then offline neighbours rank
- Farm number is now shown for Service Facilities in the Facility Manager
- Question mark next to seeds/trees/flower in Store that shows what can be done with them
- Question mark next to products that can ONLY be used in Service Facilities

11. Farming Tools Factory (coins): Produce Farming Tools.

Wind Vane
Pitch Fork
Manual Seeder
Fruit Picker
Fruit Picking Bag

12. Gardening Tools Factory (FC): Produce Gardening Tools.

Watering Can
Flower Cutter
Hedge Shear
Garden Shovel
Leaf Rake
Kneeling Pad
Bucket With Hose

13. Bed and Breakfast (coins): This is a Service Facility that can be stocked with the products below:

Milk with Coffee
Cinnamon Latte
Hot Chocolate
Blueberry Yogurt
Toasts with Butter
Egg and Ham Sandwich
Scrambled Eggs
Fried Eggs
Goose eggs omelette
Tea Kettle
Love Seat

14. Music Conservatory (FC): This is a Service Facility that can be stocked with the products below:

Marimba and Mallets
Violin and Bow

Farm 11 and new levels In the next release.




Bug Fixes and Post-Launch updates:

1. When Designing a Farm Together:
- Changes done by the owner of the farm are now reflected correctly for other users designing the farm
- When users move items, the rotation status is now preserved

2. Last message box when working on neighbour facilities was added back

3. Quests/Requests Dialogs priority improved:
- Quests dialogs should not interfere with other Requests dialogs anymore, if there is a hire request dialog open a new quest dialog will not close the hire request dialog
- Hire, Trade, Design Together and Add Buddy requests, once they appear on the screen, you will have to accept them or close them in order to see other Hire, Trade, Design Together or Add Buddy requests.
- No need to reload anymore to do another trade with the same user

4. Fertilizer effect in farm selector changed to a yellowish, solid color. It also updates automatically when you fertilize a farm, no need to reload.

5. Chainsaw 3x3 can not be used when working for others

6. Fertilizer tooltip in extended toolbox now shows correct amount when less than an hour of fertilization is remaining

7. When Designing farms together with other players, now you have access to the items menu to rotate the items

8. All Cereal boxes now have different colors so you can differentiate them better

9. The Tench fish was removed from all water items so you have more chances for other fresh water fish. All fish now have a use, except the Sturgeon which will be used in the next release

10. The Premium Cat Food now requires Catfish instead of Tuna

11. All pending 22 products launched

12. Delete menu options for fields is now enabled again

al_bundy Jul 28 2011 11:51 PM

Woo Hoo First reply

Thanks raul

al_bundy Jul 28 2011 11:52 PM

woo rhubarb will have a use i knew i planted 10 farms of it for a reason

al_bundy Jul 28 2011 11:57 PM

just got to get rid of that tornado made mess popup hopefully soon (-:

Angel70 Jul 28 2011 11:57 PM

Thanks Raul for the great update :)

Tamblyne Jul 28 2011 11:57 PM

I've been busy moving, but my little voices told me to take a peek tonight! Awesome, as always! Great stuff! Thanks!

JAS0643 Jul 29 2011 12:00 AM

Thanks for the update I can't wait to start using all the new stuff.

al_bundy Jul 29 2011 12:02 AM

out comes the credit card

Hornyroo Jul 29 2011 12:03 AM

yeah baby!!!! ty Raul!!

anniesgrannie Jul 29 2011 12:08 AM

Thanks for the update! I was working a friend's facilities and noticed the highlight indicating the farms were fertilized and had to run over here and check it out. Great as always!

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