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wmbevill Sep 09 2020 11:48 AM

You need to review how boats are working visiting port, the train program is more productive and less wasted time then boats. In talking with alot of friends their boats just set on docks, not worth thewaste time to load and sent out!!

dorissau Sep 13 2020 12:58 AM

I wish we could choose our own list of neighbors to move our ships. The default list provided is usually filled with people who aren't regular players and often when I try to replace someone on my previous (and usual) register, the only choices are neighbors who don't ever, ever move my ships. I would like to be able to somehow designate a permanent list of neighbors of my own choosing.

jeannine_p Sep 19 2020 11:19 AM

a great addition would be more fish to all of the fish containers on the ships and to the fish container on the trains. especially the high dollar fish, such as lobster, salmon, cod, and squid. also, a great update to the train manager would be to have the trains that are once boosted, have them disappear from the list, like ships do once the ship is loaded and sailing. once a train is boosted for the neighbor, have it disappear from the list. thanks for all you do devs and team!!

KKWMSOTR/L Oct 15 2020 09:03 PM

Please put the last names back on the gifts/trains page
PLEASE put the last names back on the gifts/trains page. We need to know which "Sharon" or "Barbara" it was that sent us the train so that we can send one back.

JNelson Oct 23 2020 10:13 AM

Long Tank Car - add fuel

add to fishing car - bait

add to any car / container the meats from the semi

would love to be able to have another sets of 5 trains please

a container / car for short time grow crops like beets, celery, purple grapes, lettuce, etc..

get rid of train tab in - show times since we now have an awesome train manager

PLEASE - make the sea port default closed - casual, new, lower level players still do not know this needs to be turned off in settings if they do not / can not participate

DitzyLuvBug2 Oct 29 2020 03:18 PM

trains and ships
TRAINS: In the Train Manager, delete the scrolling...Instead of boosting all on a page, then scrolling to next page to boost next set of trains, please when we click Boost, that one goes off the screen so we can click next boost until all are done. Would be much faster and smoother game play like the Neighborhood Chains work when clicking Import/Export individuals go away when clicked.

SHIPS: The reason I don't play ships often is it takes way too long to do the containers. Perhaps there can be a Loader that can be purchased to decrease container time 50%. OR a way to do 2 containers or more at a time for 25% decrease in time.

SassymommaCollar Oct 30 2020 10:57 AM

I have all the ships and they are a pain in my butt. Why can't you load them in a click why 45 min for the cargo ship and not the whole ship I don't have time to waste. I was ill and came back and find all the changes make the ships like the trains easier.

Edit: Split post to answer second part in Help & Support

Zeeky Banutski Nov 13 2020 10:31 AM

Suggestion - how about adding a "sleep" button to the cargo ships that we can select when we go to bed each night (& conversely wake up each morning) that allows us to NOT BE PENALIZED & LOSING CARGO PRODUCTS while we are sleeping?

ccheney Nov 15 2020 11:24 PM

Could you please add geese to the long cattle car?

Sesselwill Dec 03 2020 08:15 PM

Can the ports for ships please come as turned off by default? Then if someone wants to send them on or buy them to send themselves, they can do that. Too many people don't do ships, either owning or sending, and it's really frustrating to find how long ships have been languishing in a port and you haven't had a chance to move them on. And many have no idea they need to turn them off or even how to turn them off. Thanks.

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