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marymarcel Oct 30 2013 08:03 AM

Quests, Co-op Quests & Facility Chains
Hello Everyone, the Developers would like to thank everyone for the suggestions in the past , they have made a note of all the current requests and have asked us to reset all the top posts and start afresh. All previous requests have been archived.

Please continue to post NEW suggestions.

In another effort to streamline these threads and to make all members feel comfortable with posting suggestions, comments or replying to suggestions is not allowed and will be removed.

Please use this post to suggest changing / additions to Quests, Co-op Quests, or Facility Chains.

sestree Apr 16 2020 02:21 AM

It would be wonderful if we could do something to streamline the facilities chain manager. Even a simple being able to "import all" would help. It's quite time consuming at the moment.

MarkHeron May 11 2020 06:44 AM

Only have small farm and not much time to work it. Many facs in storage because short of space. When facility chains says no facs to chain, no idea if might have some in storage to get out and chain. Be useful to have it say which week it is, if FC or coins, produce or service.

Sqrl May 13 2020 04:51 AM

In facility chains, after the amount of products to import maybe you could put in brackets how much it will cost to import? I got caught out the other day because I ran out of money....

Sqrl May 17 2020 01:59 PM

Me again! In the facility chains screem, how about being able to hide incomplete chains so we can work through the completed ones more quickly? :)

jkmyer Jun 06 2020 08:13 AM

I was not sure where to put this, but has anyone thought about an import all button? thanks for all of the improvements have a great day

texans Jun 12 2020 08:32 PM

Export unlimited
I would like to be able to export more products to my neighbors, I have too many and rather than do it over and over with neighbors can you increase the amount of products to send? :) Next, it would be helpful if we could add export all and import all. :D

Sqrl Jun 14 2020 06:36 PM

When we've completed exporting or importing, instead of having to close the screen, how about it closes automatically? or opens the next import/export opportunity?

GrammieRee Jun 24 2020 12:21 PM

Co-Op Quest Help Markers
PLEASE can you make it so that a help marker is placed on the side tab of a quest where someone has placed a HELP marker on a product?
It would be SO much easier to click through the neighbors and see right away if they need help on one of their quests instead of having to click-scroll-click-scroll-click-scroll through every one of their quests to see if maybe they need something on one of them!
Thank you! xoxo

Sqrl Jun 24 2020 08:23 PM

When a Super Fac only has one product, eg cinnamon bundle, how about splitting any quantity above a set level into separate sale offers? That gives more people a chance to get some!

Sqrl Jul 07 2020 08:00 AM

Yes, it's me again.

When you try to start a product in quests, the game brings up the first available facility. Sometimes that facility is already 100% on that product so you can't start it. However, if you have more than one of that facility, there might be space in another one. Could the game look and see? It would be helpful if it brought up the first facility in which the product can be started, where there is one.

Sqrl Jul 24 2020 12:22 PM

Me. Again.

Could we have the option to sort quests by time to expiry please? ty

Lthbrvsfn Aug 13 2020 11:19 PM

Co-op quest tabs
Love the yellow tabs on co-op quests to know when we can help our neighbors! I think it would be great to also have blue tabs to let us know that a neighbor has a product we need for our quests. Would speed up the trip through neighbor list a bit.
Thank you :)

ctu1010166 Sep 02 2020 09:59 AM

Display Time in Quest by Hours
I noticed that time in Quest only show as hours when they less than 1 day or greater than 6 days.
It'll make players confuse: when they show 4 days, noone can understand that is 96 hrs or 119 hrs!!!
This confusion affects player plans!
Please show all as hours, from 1 hr to 167 hrs, thank you!

Sqrl Sep 04 2020 03:03 PM

Could we have the option, when claiming FC, to remove unfinished quests? Sometimes an undoable quest seems to hang around for ever, cluttering up the page. Please?

Sqrl Sep 14 2020 06:39 AM

Yes, me again.

When trying to decide which facilities to chain, I have to keep a list of ones I've already chained so I don't chain both the regular and the service facility by mistake. It would really help if the game could grey out or outline in red or in some other way indicate facilities where we have already chained the "partner" facility. My list is getting very long!

Karlene Sep 19 2020 10:55 AM

quests/coop quests
Hi. My suggestion involves the quests/coop quests. I do not own some of the facilities. So, when one of those facilities is in a quest or coop quest, I will not complete it. So, it hangs around until it expires. Could there be the option to cancel or close that quest? If I have 4 working quests or coop quests, then the 5th one that I won't buy, prevents the new quests from being available. Thanks for your time! :)

tmlbluedove Sep 27 2020 01:26 PM

so we have a job marketplace and a trade marketplace, so how about making a cooperative quest marketplace so it would make it easier to get the items we need

cgsfarm Sep 30 2020 01:45 AM

Allow neighbours to sell you more than one item in COOP Quests
It would be great if our neighbours could sell us more than one item in a coop quest. Lately, I am missing the last item, even though I have all my tickets, some neighbours just do not sell.

uma437 Oct 01 2020 04:37 PM

Hello, I think it would be great if it would be possible to click on the ingredient of a coop quest and the ingredient planner would open so it shows what else to produce with this ingredient. It would be much easier to look out for the neighbours' quests which have the relevant ingredients. Extremly helpfull if a quest has a rare ingredient.
Best regards, Uma

Jonaphoto Oct 08 2020 03:52 PM

Please increase the Farm Cash you can make. It hardly seems worth the trouble.

jeannine_p Oct 13 2020 06:26 AM

please make a "import all/export all" for the facility chains.

Sqrl Oct 24 2020 04:27 AM

In facility chains, how about a sort option that lets you bring all the chains that have products available to the top?

Sqrl Nov 09 2020 03:41 AM

Yes, me again. How about a tool to start the next step of a quest automatically, providing the ingredients and facility space are available?

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