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As per requested by Tiger Laybourne - here are the answers to the questions regarding the threat block I'm getting from AVG when trying to access the game

Are you a Facebook player or a Myspace player


Browser type and version (i.e. Firefox 3.5)

Chrome 8.0.552.237 - have also tried to access using Firefox 3.6.13 but still receive the blocked threat warning

Date and Time and time zone

2/1/11 - first tried to access around 11am. Tried again at 2:20pm and still receiving the blocked threat notice - EST

URL of page you were taken too (if any)

Not taking me to any pages or sites - it's just a notice that my antivirus detected and blocked the threat

Your antivirus program and version

AVG antivirus 10.0.1204 and Malwarebytes' anti-malware 1.46

The name of the malware shown by your antivirus/malware program after it found the malware.

Exploit Blackhole Exploit Kit (type 1380)

If possible please provide a screenshot (use the print screen button)

See below - sorry for the blurryness of it. For some reason that's been happening whenever I try to print a screen lately

The country you are located in. This information is necessary due to the fact that many of the ads are regional in nature. This helps the devs track down the ad faster.

United States - east coast

Even if your antivirus/malware program stops an intrusion please note the information you received from your software, and post it using the format above. Most software will give you the url or the name of the program.

Like mentioned above, it is blocking the threat but I don't want to continue to play in case something does get past the antivirus program. I do have crops screaming to be harvested and I was in the middle of redoing a farm so I'm seriously jonesing to get back to work