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I run Zone Alarm on my laptop and about 5 - 10 minutes into using Farm Town (in Facebook), I received a request from Zone Alarm to allow a strange file permission to access the internet. I denied and was immediately with a strange message saying that my PC was infected. Closed out all applications and my desktop had been taken over by a huge message telling me that my PC was taken over by viruses. I also noticed a new shortcut entitled "System Tools 2011" on desktop. This lead to a new directory/files in my Program Data folder. Before I realized that Farm Town was most likely the problem, I tried to access the game on my husband's computer. Within just a few minutes, I got a similar problem linked with Java. He also runs Zone Alarm.

I then ran virus/spyware scans on both PCs, deleted 3 Trojan viruses, and deleted the System Tools file/shortcut. I hope that I got rid of it.