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Originally Posted by Mrs. Pink View Post
So, we just started a new contest late last night/early this morning. I joined the contest shortly after anyone was able to. Others joined after me. Late this morning I noticed that one of my neighbors has the same facilities that I do (one of each) yet she already had accumulated 30,000+ points in the contest whereas I was only at 7,000+. Considering that I joined before she did and I have worked my facs as much as I could today, how could she have so many more points than me already? Wondering what else I might be able to do to enhance my points score. Thanks!
Hi Mrs. Pink

Have you filled your factories and posted them to let your friends worked them?

When you fill the factories for the contest, try to post them (only those 4 and post a message you are only posting for the contest factories) If you get enough friends to work them then you will be able to fill them again to 100% sooner
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