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Originally Posted by JohnAlbertini View Post
Sorry if this is a broken record but I have reported this issue to slashkey SEVERAL times via email but it keeps recurring.


Person #1 23419
Person #2 21637
Neighborhood Total 45056

Person #2 is ranked HIGHER than Person #1.

WHY! Person #1 contributes more points to the neighborhood total so common sense says THAT person should rank higher.

This needs to be FIXED as it happens VERY OFTEN. Don't know who else to tell as the developers seem unwilling or unable to rectify this SIMPLE math error.

Can Taz or one of the other moderators get this info to the developers as my emails get no response, crickets!!!

Thank you.
Hi John,
Are you referring to the neighbors listed in the My Neighborhood Chains tab?

If you are talking about the My Neighborhood Chains you will always be #1 regardless of how much the others have contributed.

Or are you talking about the placements in the Competing Neighborhoods tab?
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