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Originally Posted by JohnAlbertini View Post
No, I'm referring to the Competing Neighborhoods tab. Not the listing, the Contest RANKING.
Hi John,
Your contest information probably has not updated for which you can try clearing the memcache and reopen to see if it updates.
We are not able to duplicate this.

The only thing I can say if the memcache clearing doesn't fix it, then contact Support and let them log into your account to see this for themselves. To contact Support click on the link below, fill out the form and submit it. Be patient as it can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days for them to respond to you depending on how many tickets they have ahead of yours.

You will receive an automatic response email when you submit your ticket. That email will have your ticket number and a link for you to check the status of your ticket, so please do not delete that email. If you do not see the email then check your spam folder as sometimes those emails get classified as spam.

As you have already contacted them previously there isn't anything we can do to help with this through the forums. Support are the only ones who can look at this.
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