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Originally Posted by JohnAlbertini View Post
It is NOT on MY end. It has cost me FC! It is on the SERVER!!! How many times must I repeat that the MATH is WRONG. Same neighborhood lower scoring person RANKS higher!!! So lower point person ranks 2nd at the END (Awarding) of the contest and gets 1FC but higher point person ranks 3rd and gets ZERO FC. Same NCC, same neighborhood so same total points. Person with lower contribution to the neighborhood total FINISHES higher than the person with the higher contribution to the neighborhood total.

Right NOW, game just loaded AFTER memclear
neighborhood total 45586
21873 points is ranked #2
23713 points is ranked #3


WHY does 23713 rank BELOW 21873?!

WRONG WRONG WRONG but is happens close to HALF the contests, not a one-time event.
Hi John

As Taz stated, there is nothing we can do through the forums, so please contact Support team and let them log into your account so they can check what is happening.

Also, 2 months ago I sent you a private message with an email address you can use to send images to Support, so you can take some pictures and send them using that email address.

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