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Thank you for starting this thread I'm and one of the people getting sick of the why wasn't I hired to plow threads popping up every other week.

My opinion on hiring to plow:

No matter what crop you are hired to harvest you are not entitled to the plowing. Just because a farmer hired you to harvest doesn't mean they have to hire you for another job even if you can see a job that needs to be done. It is fine to ask to plow after the harvesting is done. It is even fine to send a note to the farmer if they are not there as they might be on their other farm, just nicely ask and send it after you finish harvesting. If they are on the other farm they will pop over in a minute and hire you to plow if not leave after a minute or so assuming they are not at the computer. Don't leave several messages getting meaner as you go because they have not come back to hire you.

One more thing if you get to a farm that has a ton of trees on the farm if full fruit and you can't harvest the fruit, don't send a message to the farmer asking if they wont their trees done. If they wanted their trees done they would have hired you to do them to start with.

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