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Default What and who are my neighbours?

These are Friends that you have on Facebook that also play the game. Once you have sent them a neighbour request and they have accepted, they become your neighbour in the game. To see how to add a friend as a Neighbour scroll down to the next post.

As you progress through the game you will find you need neighbours for your 3rd farm, working facilites, quests, trains, ships and other features.

An easy way to access their farms is through the neighbour bar at the bottom of your game screen. Similarly, they can come and see your farm that way as well.
When you click on "Visit xxx Farm" you will be taken to their farm. If you have not visited them that day you will see a message asking you to do a quick job to tend to their farm, it's just a couple of clicks. You will earn 30 xp's for each neighbor whose farm you tend (watering, raking, etc) within a 24-hour period up to a limit of 100 visits. After that you will earn 1 xp. You can only tend each neighbor once a day.

The "Order by xxx" will let you change the order in which your neighbours are displayed in the neighbours bar.

The following picture is a mock up example of what you could see in the neighbours bar. We made this bigger so it's easier to see and explain and we removed/changed certain details to protect privacy.

Your box has the dark yellow background.

Your neighbours have the pale yellow background.

The grey generic Facebook picture
is where your profile picture and your neighbours profile pictures will be displayed.

Above the profile pictures are the Avatar names.

The Round coloured dots to the side of each picture are:
Green dot on any neighbours picture shows when you or they are online in the game.

Red dot on any neighbours picture represents a neighbour you have made a Super Neighbour. Super Neighbours are explained later in this chapter.

Purple dot represents a neighbour that has made you a Super Neighbour. Super Neighbours are explained later in this chapter.

Blue dot on any neighbours picture means that they have at least one co-operative quest open.
Co-operative Quests are explained in Chapter 28.

Beige dot on any neighbours picture means that they have active offers in their Trading Warehouse.

The little number top left of each box, you might be able to make out it has a yellow background, is your position amongst your neighbours according to how you choose to Order the neighbours bar. In the case of Ordering by Co-operative Quests this number will mean something else.

The white number on the right with the dark green background are yours and your neighbours game level.

Below those is your avatar picture and that of your neighbours so you have an idea what they look like should you meet up.

Below the avatar pictures the numbers change according to what you Order the neighbours bar by.

When you Order the Neighbours bar your profile box will always be in view, so you can quickly see where your position is among your neighbours, scroll the bar using the arrows to see more neighbours.

  • Order by Online: Will show you neighbours that are on line, listed from highest XP to lowest.

  • Order by Level: Sorts the bar from highest level and XP amount to the lowest.

  • Order by Best Diversification: Sorts by highest to lowest diversification numbers. This can be found in the Facility Manager and helps govern your buying limit. The more facilites you have at 100% production, the better the score.

  • Order by Help Given: Sorts the bar by highest to lowest help given points.
    You get points for doing many things for your neighbours like, sending gifts, sending bonuses, sending ingredients, boosting trains. This tends to update once per day or every time your neighbour loads the game.
  • Order by Co-operative Quests: You are always furthest left, the rest are listed in XP order highest to lowest. The little number top left of each box, you may be able to make out it has a yellow background changes and now tells you how many neighbours you have that currently have at least one co-operative quest open, this includes you if you are doing them. If you are not doing them, the number you are looking for is the first neighbour to your right who has a blue dot.

  • Order by Trade Offers: You are always furthest left. Neighbours that have Trade offers will be shown to the right listed in XP order highest to lowest.

  • Order by Super Neighbour: Your super neighbours have the red dot, if you are super neighbour for a neighbour they will have a purple dot. The list is sorted according to level and XP amount highest to lowest,. When you first order the list your box will always be in view so your SNs and those you are SN for could be to the left or right of your position in the Neighbours bar.

  • Order by Names: Names with a symbol first will show first, then names with numbers at the front of the name, then by A-Z.

    When there is an * at the front of the name of the list, it's there to show you which order you are currently using to order the neighbours bar by. When you change the order to another list the * moves to that list. In the example in the very first picture at the top of this post, the * is in front of "Order by Trade Offers".

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