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Default How does the train help with facility work?

How does the train help with facility work?

Dispatched Trains with Long Cars attached to them, help you with your friends facility work.

How much of that work depends on how many trains you have with how many Long Cars attached to them.

The Trains and Long Cars need to be on a farm, not in storage, and they have to be dispatched.
If you unload them and forget to dispatch them again, your ability to be able to work friends facilities faster will be reduced again.

The Long Cars cost Farm Cash and only the Standard Locomotives cost coins.

Without the trains:

The Mayor will work 50% of your friends facilities for free, but you have to go to every farm and work every facility individually until the mayor takes over and does his 50%.

When you own at least one train with a Long Car attached and it's dispatched:

Each Long Car you have, on a dispatched train, the mayor will work another 5% of the facilities for you. Note: the Long Cars must be different ones. You can not have two of the same Long Car on the same train.

If you have 1 train dispatched with 10 Long Cars attached, the mayor will complete all the work on the farm you are on and you only have to go to each farm that has facilities on it.

If you have 2 trains dispatched with 10 Long Cars on each train the Mayor will complete all facilities on all farms for you without you needing to navigate to each farm.

Important: The coin train cars are decoration ONLY and do not count towards helping with your friends facility work.

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