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Default Chapter 29 Freight Trains

UPDATE NOVEMEBER 6TH, 2021 - Facebook have made some changes to how the friends lists box will show up and behave in browsers.
When you boost your trains, the friends list will only show up while you are looking at that tab in your browser. If you click on a different tab that is open in your browser without sending the train boosts, that friends list will no longer show up when you go back to the tab you were boosting the train in. When that happens, you will need to to minimise the browser window to be able to see it again.

If when you try to boost your train the friends list does not immediately show up, please make sure that cookies and popups are still allowed in your browser and that your browser is still up to date!

Quick links to common questions about trains:

Should you need to get back to this post to look for other information:
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