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Default What are the freight trains?

Q: What are the freight trains?

A: There are 5 Freight trains, shown above. They are used to bring you high demand products from outside markets to use in your facilities. They can also help you work your friends facilites faster.

Some trains and cars, in the store, are purely for decoration. Decorative ones do not bring you any products and do not help with working your friends facilites.

All Trains are in the *Trains/Ships* section of the Store.

Important: Train locomotives and long cars count towards your facility limit per farm, so if you have a lot of facilities on a farm you may need to put them on a farm with less facilities or on a farm without facilities on it, whichever you prefer. Count one for each locomotive and one for each Long car. The Facility Limit is between 350 and 400 per farm. However, that amount can also be affected by how much production you have in those facilities that have not been stored. If you see a message telling you that you have too many facilities on a farm, the first thing we suggest is to store all production from those facilities then refresh farm and see if the message goes away. If it does then do not add any more facilities to that farm and remember to store regularly. If it comes back, store all production and move some facilities to another farm.

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