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Default How do i use the trains?

How do i use the trains?

1. First you must purchase the Standard Freight Locomotive from the trains section of the store.

These are the 5 Locomotives along with the time that they take to make a trip and return home without Boosting them, also referred to as Accelerating a train, which will be explained in a post later in this Chapter.

The time the trains will take to make their journey were reduced by one day in March 2020. The new times are in the picture below.

2. Then you must purchase at least one of the following train cars - Cost 35 Farmcash Each
  • Long Bulkhead Car
  • Long Cattle Car
  • Long Container Car
  • Long Gondola Car
  • Long Hopper Car
  • Long Lumber Car
  • Long One-Door Boxcar
  • Long Refrigerated Car
  • Long Sliding-Door Car
  • Long Tank Car
  • Long Two-Door Boxcar
  • Long Well Car
  • Long Quarry Car
  • Long Tree Products Car
  • Long Crops Car
  • Long Flowers Car
  • Long Logs Car
  • Long Fish Car
  • Long Animal Products Car

To prepare your train for dispatch you need to have at least one Long Freight Car coupled to the Freight Locomotive.
Using the Yellow Edit Hand in your tool box

Place the Long Freight Car right behind the BACK end of Locomotive (NOT the front) without any space between them. When you mouse over the Locomotive, All Freight Cars (including short and long cars) correctly coupled together will be highlighted. As shown in the image below.
NOTE: Connecting the engines and cars is much more successful if you do NOT use the Freestyle Farm Designers to connect them. The green and purple ones allow overlapping of items and this can cause a problem if you unintentionally do that with the trains and cars, as they can appear connected but may not be.

In order to buy a faster train, you must buy them in order. So to buy the Enhanced Freight Locomotive you must first own the Standard Freight Locomotive. To buy the Supreme Freight Locomotive you must own the Enhanced Freight Locomotive and so on.

With the faster locomotives it can sometime be difficult to know which end is the front or back of the locomotive. You need to attach the cars to the back of the locomotive. If you have problems with the train not connecting and the cars are all aligned it may be that the locomotive is just the wrong way around so try either :
  • rotating the engine 180 degrees so it faces the other way
  • OR leave it in the rotation it is in and just move the engine to the other end of the cars
With the cars it is not important which way around they are as long as they are connected.

This picture shows you which end of the locomotive to attach the cars to, indicated with the arrows. If you're not sure which orientation you picked just click on the locomotive and select "Rotate" from the menu and you will get the options again.

3. To manage your train click on the Locomotive and select 'Show Train Details'. The Long Freight Cars that are correctly coupled to your Locomotive will be highlighted in white. The ones that you don't own or that are not correctly coupled will be dimmed out.

The example below shows 5 correctly coupled freight cars, and 3 that are either not connected correctly or not on that train. The scroll bar to the right lets you scroll through the list.

The list also shows you how many coins each car will cost when dispatched on that particular train, how many markets it will go to and how long that will take without boosting the train. The costs, amount of markets and times vary depending on which locomotive is on the train.

4. To dispatch your train click the 'Dispatch Train' button. Only the Long Cars correctly coupled to your train will be dispatched to carry goods.

When you Dispatch your train you will see a brief feedback in white lettering telling you of the coins and fuel spent. This is an example of the notification. Your coin and fuel amounts may be different depending on which locomotive is on the train and how many Long Cars are on the train.

Once you dispatch a train it will be locked and will appear semi-transparent in your farm until it returns. You can NOT move the train or any of it's cars while it is dispatched.

There is a preference option to disable the transparency of the trains. Click on the Preferences Icon top right of your game screen and remove the check mark for Transparent Dispatched Train. You can enable and disable this any time you wish.

You can have a total of 10 trains dispatched at any given time, two with Standard Locomotives, two with new Enhanced Locomotives, two with Supreme Freight Locomotives, two with Ultimate Freight Locomotives, and two with Turbo Freight Locomotives.

The Requirement to buy the 2nd set of trains is that you must own ALL of the 1st set of locomotives and then a 2nd Standard Locomotive. Then you must buy the rest of the 2nd set of locomotives in order. So the 2nd Enhanced before you can buy the Second Supreme, the 2nd Supreme before you can buy the 2nd Ultimate and so on.

IMPORTANT: If you are not going to use the slower trains when you have purchased a faster one. Do NOT sell any of them! The game needs to see which trains you own in order for you to buy the faster trains or a second set. If a locomotive is in your Item Storage instead of on a farm the game can NOT see which ones you own and it will not reflect that if you use the question mark in the store to query how many of which ones you already own. Check your Item storage and your farms BEFORE you purchase any more.

There is now a Train Manager tool in your Toolbox, which allows you to unload, dispatch and boost all of your trains on all of your farms from any of your farms. You can also Boost (Accelerate) your friends trains from there. Full details about it are explained later in this Chapter.

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