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Default What does the Boost Train! button do?

What does the Boost Train! button do?

The Boost Train button allows you to send requests to your friends to accelerate your train to help speed up it's delivery.

You may send one request per friend. Requests can be sent every 8 hours.

They will be able to find the Request when they look in the My Requests tab at the to of the game screen.

To Boost a Train:
  1. Click on the train and select "Show Train Details".
  2. Click on the Train Status tab.
  3. Click on the Boost Train! button at the top left.

The benefits for the train boost are as follows.
  • Each friend that accepts a Train Boost will advance your train.

  • The advance that your train receive in one trip from all your friends combined can not exceed a full 24 hour day. Although some trains will require more boosts than others the end result is still the same, when fully boosted. The amount of boosts needed to boost each train changed when the Train Manager was released, which will be explained later in this Chapter. The new boost amounts are as follows:
    • Standard Locomotive - 10 boosts
    • Enhanced Locomotive - 12 boosts
    • Supreme Locomotive - 12 boosts
    • Ultimate Locomotive - 13 boosts
    • Turbo Locomotive - 14 boosts

  • The benefits that friends receive by advancing your train are between 1% and 3% of all the products being carried by the train.

The Train Manager where you can manage all your trains on all your farms from one place, is in your Toolbox. This allows you to unload, dispatch and boost all of your trains on all of your farms from any of your farms. You can also Boost (Accelerate) your friends trains from there. Full details about it are explained later in this Chapter.

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