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Can i have more than 1 train or car?

Yes, you may have 2 of each of the Locomotives, making 10 trains in total.
However you can NOT have 2 of the same Locomotives on the same farm.

You can have 5 trains on a single farm at the same time as long as each of those trains has a different Locomotive.
The other set of trains would have to be on another farm.
You could have 1 train on 10 separate farms if you want.

IMPORTANT: ONLY 1 Long Car of each type per train!
If you wanted another of the same Long Cars you would have to put that on a different train that did not already have that Long Car on it. If you had 2 of the same Long Cars on one train the second one would be treated as a decoration, will not carry any products and will not count towards the criteria for trains helping with Facility Work.

You can put as many of the decorative coin cars on the trains as you want. These coin cars do NOT count towards Trains helping with Facility Work.

Trains helping with Facility Work is explained in How does the train help with facility work? which is explained later in the next post.

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