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Default How do i get my train to go round a corner?

How do i get my train to go round a corner?

You can make your train to go round a corner by using one of the coin decorative cars that has 6 views.

This what we mean by 6 views. The top 2 pictures of coin cars have six ways those cars can be rotated. The bottom picture shows a car that can only be rotated in 2 ways:
The decorative coin cars that can be used in horizontal and vertical to make your train turn a corner are:
  • Container Car
  • One-Door Boxcar
  • Two-Door Boxcar
  • Sliding-Door Car
  • Refrigerated Car
  • Tank Car
  • Hopper Car
  • Well Car
  • Gondola Car
  • Lumber Car
  • Bulkhead Car
  • Cattle Car
  • Red Passenger Wagon
  • Green Passenger Wagon
  • Modern Passenger Wagon

Make sure you use the correct car depending on which way the train is turning, if one doesn't work, try the other one

The following decorative coin cars can NOT be used to make a train turn a corner as they don't have the correct rotations:
Loaded Hopper Car
Empty Hopper Car
Circus Wagon

Using the Yellow Edit Hand in your tool box, place that car ON the corner, and then add the Long Cars to either end, as the image shows below. You may have to experiment a little in placing the cars so as all the cars are on the tracks, but it can be done

When you are done, make sure ALL the cars highlight by mousing over the engine.

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