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Exclamation FUEL issue

Dear FarmTown,
I recently had a problem with refueling (on empty) and lost One Million gallons of reserve fuel . The second time i lost 900,000 gallons of reserve fuel. Really sad

Has anyone else experienced this problem lately? Is this a bug? Can it be fixed? I hope.

I've been playing since 2009 I love this game!! It's so much fun. You all do such a great job. I just hope that the problem can be resolved bc it takes time to accumulate fuel . I even skipped a new tool in order to 'purchase' a second Refinery hoping that it would help with the losses.

If you need more details, my USER ID: 1180822258 . My first farm is Firefly Gap.

I wish that i could regain the lost fuel. However, if not, if one of the Programmers can please let me know if i'm doing something wrong?
Thanks so much!

Happy Farming
Loree M.
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