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Default How do I fish?

How do I fish?

To fish, all you need is the fishing rod and some sort of pond, lake, river or sea coast on your farm.

The fishing rod can be found by clicking on the Yellow Tool box. Click on the tool to use it then click on a water to start catching fish. When you are done fishing, click the green man to stop using the tool.

How do i know when my fish are ready to be fished?

Hover your mouse over each water, it will display the name of the water, how many fish, how much bait you have for that type of water. If the waters have been recently fished, it will also display how long until they are ready again. If there is no time displayed, they are ready to fish.

In this image it shows the Big Lake with Boat is ready to fish, it has 199 fish, and there is 400 freshwater bait...

In this image there are 0 fish, so the lake has already been fished, and will be ready again in 7.9 hours. It also shows there are no freshwater bait available for fishing...

How to get bait and what it is for is explained in a later post in this thread Using bait.
You do NOT have to have bait in order to fish your waters, you will still get fish without it.

Note: Newly bought waters take time to become ready. Coin waters take 20 hours, Farm Cash waters take 8 hours.

For faster fishing you can buy the fishing boats. Fishing boats are explained in Chapter 21 Tools. Click this link and it will take you to that post... What is the fishing boat?

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