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Bait is used when fishing to increase the amount of fish you get from waters.

When there is Bait in waters, it will give you and the farm owner 2x the fish. The bait is taken from the farm owners waters. Each fish you catch uses one bait.

You can get freshwater bait (lakes, ponds, rivers) or seawater bait (for sea coasts). Bait is available by gifting, producing in the Fish Farming Plant or by working a neighbours Fishing Tackle shop which has bait stocked.

Storing Bait:

Gifted bait, bait from your fish farming plant and any bonuses you get from posting your own bait bonus gets stored with waters.
The exception to this rule is any bait you send to a friend when you click on their bonus post, your share goes to storage, which you can use to stock the Fishing Tackle shop if you own one or just sell at market.

This is what bait looks like in your gift box when you accept some bait as gifts. When you store it from your gift box, it gets sent to your waters. You must have at least one lake, pond or river on your farm to store freshwater bait. You must have at least one sea coast on your farm to store seawater bait.

The water will tell you how much bait is left, if you hover over it with your mouse. It will also show you the name of the water, how many fish are in it if it's ready to fish, if it's not ready to fish it will tell you how long until they are ready to be fished. For Freshwater bait hover your mouse over a lake, pond or river. For Seawater bait hover your mouse over a sea coast.

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