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i have 1 sty fiiled to cap. I have over 3000 piles of poop being stored. There is no reason why 1 sty, filled up and collected 2x a day, isn't enough..I collect 200 piles a day, enough to do 4 farms...if need be stagger the fertilzing and don'y fertilize at 3 days if the crops are still fertilized... a 4 day crop will still be fertilized on teh 4th day as long as you fertilized it before it was mature.....if it was per plot than people would ***** and moan about it taking up to much time like they do the facilities....
it may not be the best, it may not be the prettiest, and it's certainly is not the most creative but it's mine and I like it. feel free to visit me but please leave complaints and begging at your own farm.
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