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Originally Posted by krypto View Post
While I agree with you about the "unwither tool" - I would like to have the ability to "freeze" my crops. The request to freeze crops at any given growth stage has been made previously by people who like the look certain crops have and want to keep it that way for design purposes. I would like the ability to freeze crops when I know I won't have access to a computer or the internet for a while.

Yes, I could simply not re-plant my farms, but sometimes I don't have the time to do that (I am in the military).

OK - off of my soap box and back to designing my super-tuna canning factory (increases canned tuna production by 400%!)
I agree with that, I mean we all know if they do make a tool that unwithers our crops, it'll be FC. But having the option to freeze our crops is a good idea. A lot of people plant crops and then get busy and may not have time to harvest them, so then we can just freeze our crops and unfreeze them when we're ready.

I also want to know what happened to us getting experince when we fish. The Devs did say 'in the future', and that was a while ago. I'm just throwing this out, but I think we should have belts and dan degrees for fish too. Maybe that would help solve the tuna shortage.
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