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Originally Posted by HelenJS22 View Post
Agreed, For what it's worth, I also think an 'unwither' tool would spoil the game.
I am also in on the 'No' side of this one, that is if we are 'voting' on it. Just wouldn't 'feel' right.
One of the reasons that I quit playing the Ville game. [They do have the 'unwither' tool.] but it makes the game 'not fun' anymore.
There is a feeling like the real world in a game where things grow, then are harvested or die, in their time.
Now as far as the 'freeze' tool, that might be alright on things like flowers. I can see where it would help the person in the military, where they did not know when they planted that they would not be on time to harvest, but in that case, would they know in time to use it before the crops died?

And in consideration of the Developers [time & $] spent on this game. I am very much appreciative of everything that they have put into the game. However, as I am now unable to work, I am on a very limited income, and am unable to pay [real $] for anything. I always thought that I would like computer work, but so far, the only thing that I 'am' doing is just playing the game, but I would like to help the developers if there was anything I could do. [I would love to help them, I would have to learn what was needed.] Hey, that might help some of these [me included] people who are impatient to get the updates on the game to understand just what was involved in all these new toys that we all enjoy.
Thanks again for the happy farming you have given us.

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