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Originally Posted by Momma Woods View Post
These may have already been suggested, but one more person suggesting the same thing should help get someone's attention. 1. I would like to see an option on everything that has the start all option semis, factories and facilities, etc, like the one we have when selling at the market; i.e. be able to select just the products we want to use start all on. 2. Be able to start all mines, etc. that only the owner controls with one click. At least one click on each one for those desiring to start everything. I love Farmtown and think that Raul & crew are fabulous.
I would like to put in one more thing, I have went to farms to 'work' for the owner, and there was only one or at most two things to work on, on each farm, that seems a waste of time loading each farm for one job.

It would be nice to have something that would work on all farms from the main farm, whichever the main farm was, without having to go to each one individually. Maybe an addition to the facility guide, saying, Farm #2, Farm #5, or such. might work.