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Default Friend has not received upgrade or FC

I have a Farm Town friend who has not received the upgrade from 475 to 500, and the 50 FC that went with this last upgrade in early December. He has more than 10 Billion experience points. His FT name is McDodo. I am sure that his experience points have exceeded the new maximum allowed allocation in this game. He has been one of my farmer friends for quite a while now. I am writing you now because he is French, he does speak English, but because English is not his first language, is shy about complaining here in the forum.

This same situation happened before when we reached 2.147 Billion exps, at which time we complained and SK raised the allocation of data from that amount. I am also aware of several other players who are approaching that 10 billion exp figure.

I explained to him that he will probably have to write SK as well as my posting this note.

Thanks for your attention.
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