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Hi -- I hope I'm in the right forum. I talked a friend into joining FT. She likes it but is having a hard time with some of the stuff I try to explain to her. Anyway, she is trying to buy a second farm but says it won't let her. Now I'm stuck as I don't know whether she needs to level up, get more neighbors or need more coins (and she says it just tells her she can't buy). Is there any where in the forum that shows what level you need to be at in order to buy more farms? It has been so long ago (and there have been changes I"m sure) since I started, I can't figure out what she needs. Or, alternatively, can you please tell me what is needed in order to buy a second farm? Thanks!!
To purchase the 2nd farm they have to be at level 44.

For information on purchasing farms and upgrades is the following link:

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