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Default Lost Coins and XP while working a farm hired on

I was hired in the marketplace to harvest a farm. While I was harvesting it I accidentally hit the button to go to the next farm. I didn't get the message to cancel like normal that reads, "You still have crops to harvest. Do you want to leave the farm anyway?" It just took me to the next farm. I had over 1,000,000 coins listed in the bonus treasure chest and I know over 24,000 XP. Now it reads 200,400 something. .Wait, it disappeared. How can I get my bonus points and XP back? My computer froze up too. Please help me. I am still on Linda's farm #33. I did harvest farm #34 until I realized I wasn't on the original farm and I did collect the coins and XP for that farm. I went back to farm #33 and finished harvesting it . What can I do? I still have 6 farms left to harvest? Will I lose the work if I go out and clear my memcache and cookies then come backj on?
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