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Originally Posted by CPaula View Post
I have been working on quests with no problem since it came back up but right now i have a problem. I as doing the Bridal Bouquet quest. I finished producing the bridal bouquet in the next to last task. Now i'm on loading bridal bouquet and it's saying "This service facility cannot be stocked with Bridal Bouquet at this moment. To supply these items, you will need to add 11 more Bridal Bouquet to your storage." I don't understand.
Hi CPaula

I moved your post to the thread about Quests.

I had a look at your data and you only have 9 Bridal Bouquet in your storage at this moment.

You need 20 to load a batch into the Bridal Shop.

So,go into your Wedding Supplies Factory and store the ones already done.

Then try to load them into the Bridal Shop again.
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