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Originally Posted by mollypg View Post
I have been struggling to get enough fuel for several months Prior, I have had ample fuel. I have 3 refineries, keep them loaded and producing, but only get around 125,000 fuel per day from all three. I have done all I can find to increase amount refueling, worked others farms, gone to free gift sites, exchange all gifts for fuel. I was getting about 8M per refill , and production has steadily decreased. Please help! Thanks!
Hi mollypg

When you work other people farms, if they havent allowed their fuel first, then you are probably using your own fuel.

When you get the hired request, it says you can use their fuel and tools, if they allowed them, but it is not said if they have allowed the fuel first or last.

If they allowed it last, then you will use your own fuel and if you run out of fuel then you will be able to use the farm owner fuel. Sadly you can only notice about that when you start working.

You have 24 farms and only 20 oil pumps so you can add 4 more oil pumps.

You can post your facilities so your friends can work them and you will be able to start production again in your Oil Refineries and get more fuel tanks.

Also, you can work your friends facilities to get a % of products and if they have the Oil Refinery you could get some fuel tanks plus more products.

You also have 2 Gas Station, those are service facilities and are stocked with Fuel tanks to sell them, so if you have the tools to load them, please open the Gas Station and uncheck the fuel tanks so it will not be loaded with them when you fill your Gas Station.
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