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Originally Posted by Plynn View Post
I've played this game since the beginning in 2009, but am totally frustrated with it right now! I USE REAL $$$'S TO BUY FARM CASH!!!!

On Oct 31st, I bought the Mobile Lookout Tower, so I could be more helpful with my neighbors' farms & do the work required much faster.
After I bought the tower, I put it into storage as required. IT PROMPTLY DISAPPEARED!!! Yes, I had tools turned on.

It has taken 2 letters since then, to finally get it returned by slashkey.

With this kind of "support" from slashkey, I will do the same as they do - I WILL NO LONGER USE REAL MONEY for this game, while this continues!
Hi Plynn,

When something has gone missing from your farm or you don't think something is working, please come to Help and Support so we can try to assist you. If you are also having difficulty with responses from support please also let us know so we can try to help with that as well.

I hove moved your post from general feedback to the help and support thread for Tools.

How are you using the Mobile Lookout Tower and at what point is it not working for you?

When you go to one of your neighbours farms to work as a super neighbour, on harvesting, plowing, trees, flowers, fish, are you clicking on the Show Names in the green grid top left of the screen and then clicking on Show Work Info?

If you are, then you should be able to see what type of work is on each of the farms if there is some, however small amounts will be more difficult to see as they would be represented by a thinner line of colour. When you close the window the show names grid should then update to show you only farms with work to be done on them. Those with work on them should show as blue in the grid. When you leave one farm and go to the next one the blue changes back to the normal colour.

Is it doing any of that or not? If not, which part is not working and at what point does it stop working?

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