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Originally Posted by bfraser View Post
I have 668,693 fuel on display on my home screen (which has been reducing as used) and I had over 300,000,000 in storage. Someone asked the other day was anyone else losing fuel and I checked and had 135,000,000 in storage. I thought I must have made an error and accepted 135mill as what I had. I've looked today and now have 125,778,600. I have not had to use the fuel in storage therefore there is some kind of glitch that is taking fuel from me. Can you please advise
Hi bfraser,

I have moved your post to the thread about Tools and Fuel.

The amounts you are quoting, are those the figures you see when you go to refuel or are you taking about how many fuel tanks you have in harvest storage? I do not see that you have refueled recently and that is nothing like what you currently have in storage for fuel tanks so I am not sure where your figures are from.

The maximum for any one product in harvest storage is 200 million so if you managed to accumulate more than that then you should not have been able to as it should not have been stored, you would just lose it. There is an overall limit as well which we can not give specifics on as it depends on many factors, however if you reach that limit you could also lose things from storage. To keep that from happening you need to store from your facilities regularly, cash out regularly and check storage amount for anything getting towards 200 million and sell a portion..

You do have a Gas Station so if you are loading Fuel tanks into there you will be using some of it up in there.

You are doing a lot of work for others so you will be using up fuel quickly if they are not allowing theirs to be used. The only other way it would disappear from storage if you are not using it on your own farms or working for others is if you sold it without realizing you had. As you are using the sell selected when selling, please go to market and make sure that Fuel is not selected to sell.

You currently have 139754 Fuel tanks in storage and 204 gifted Fuel tanks, multiply that by 300 and that would give you 41,987,400 Fuel plus some extra for things like neighbours, active neighbours and level. Do not refuel until you are nearly out as it will replace what you have not add to it.

When it comes to Fuel Tanks and refueling you do not want to have more than around 13 million tanks total in (both storage and gifts added), to allow for the addition of the extra fuel for the additional factors, as the limit for refueling is 4000M.

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