Thread: Official Top Post Thread Cannot load farm, Errors, connecting to mainframe
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i am not sure if the problem i am having is from the game or my laptop or my internet provider..have satellite internet which is slow to begin with but i too get stuck on loading user or i get slashkey took too long to respond...when working my farms or anyone elses' farms the little sloppy disc shows the number of saves being processed and it sticks there i have to keep clicking disconnect and the red x to get it going again or sometimes the little popup saying connection to server timed out and reconnect...not sure who to blame for this..have done all the updates on browser, chrome, and cleared both cache as well..have upgraded my internet plan to supposedly faster plan and it still bogs of my neighbors is a techie and i have worked with her doing all sorts of things too and it still makes it too slow to be able to play the game...i blame a lot of it on being on satellite internet as i did not have these issues on fiber optic but since the servers moved locations it has been even worse...any ideas
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