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My last 4 trains have come back with 0 product.. There are 0 products floating up when I unload the train... I had been receiving products until about 2-3 weeks ago, and then nothing since then! Nothing has changed on my farms as far as my trains go, I have not moved or rearranged my trains, they are all connected properly, I clean my memcache on a regular basis...I have a train on farm #7 and another on #8, farm #7 has 5 FC cars & farm #8 has 4 FC cars... It's really starting to frustrate me... Any help would be appreciated.. Thanks, Phyl
Hi Phyl,
I have looked at your trains and they do look like they are correctly coupled. We do not have any way to see what you get when you unload your trains.

I have cleared your train data.

Please try clearing your memcache (link below) also, then when the page of unsetting text opens close that as it is done.
If your farm is open close it. Then reopen.

Dispatch your train on 7 and then when it comes back then chaeck again. Your train on farm 8 has 4 more days until it returns.
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