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Originally Posted by Sundos View Post
Hi .. I don't have many people that do facilities, or even give bonuses even when the game works. But the last few days I have basically no fb friends either playing or at least not playing with me.. lol.. that said, I don't know why I am still playing.. should probably take a break.

Well anyway, my quest that I started roughly 3 hrs ago seems to be stuck with first 2 items that were to produce Iron Ore and produce Graphite Ore.. both still say 2 hr and 6 hr..

on a side note.. I also do not know if the game going to go on when Flash no longer works at all? and how will that work?

Hi Sundos,

If this is your Load Barrel Bolt Quest, then there's nothing wrong with the times. At the time you posted less than 3 hours had passed since you opened the quest so that's why it's showing you those times. When it gets past the 3 hours then it will drop down one hour. It can't display minutes when there is more than an hour left to go. If you mouseover the time on the step you can get a more accurate time but when there is several hours to go it still won't show you minutes.

About the end of support for flash player. The developers started working on moving the game to another platform quite some time ago and it is expected that it will have moved to the other platform before the end of support for flash, chances are you may not even notice when it happens.
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