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Originally Posted by susananddan1991@bellsouth View Post
im not receiving the gifts since the new upgrade
Hi susananddan

I moved your post to the thread about Gifts.

I think you are saying that you are not seeing gifts in your My Requests tab.

If so, this is a random problem that happens sometimes. It is a case of the data not transferring from Facebook to Farm Town as the gift processing is done through Facebook. Most of the time they will show back up in a few days in your My Requests.

You can check the following link and see if your gifts are there Facebook Games Activity

If they are, then you can accept them through there or wait and see if they will show back up in your My Requests. Please visit the following link to know how to work through the Activity page:

You can try clearing your memcache (link below), a new window will open with a short list of unsettings. Close that window and your farm if it is open in another tab. Then reopen your farms.
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