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Originally Posted by Mammoth357 View Post
In "Quests" you can click the life saver icon to get help on a quest...there are 3 different ones I is employee lifeline which is great and easy to simply work for others and get the item needed automatically from them...

there is a gifting lifeline which I have found totally useless as the item for the quest is never an item that can be gifted to you? Unless I am missing something here...example, cinnamon bundles...others cannot gift that to you?

CURRENTLY I have trader lifeline and need cinnamon bundles to move along with my quest...I have tried to "trade or buy" them from people but they cannot be traded for nor bought??? Anyone know how this particular lifeline works?

It says "The trader lifeline lets you produce goods for this quest also by trading with other farmers in the market"

Confused as heck!
Thanks for any help!
Hi Jake,
I have moved your post to the subject thread about quests.

The trader life line only allows you to buy what you can normally buy from others which are basic items only. That would include any harvested crops, harvested animal products, chopped trees, fish, harvested flowers. You can not buy products made in facilities from another farmer.
You can find all the information on the life lines in the Game Guide chapter 28 on Quests:
Dubh Glais Estates
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