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Originally Posted by MedMgr View Post
When fishing my farms that have a large amount of ponds, I am having the game pause every 3-4 mouse clicks, and at times freeze with an out of memory message. Crop harvesting, and tree harvesting work without a hitch. But "stacked" ponds seems to cause problems for the engine. Also, once I start fishing, the screen starts a constant scroll of number of fish caught, number of bonus fish, etc., and that continues for over 5 minutes after I have finished clicking anything on the farm.
I am using Google Chrome, but have also tried Microsoft Edge with the same results.
Your USER ID number ( 10203436687419084 )
I am having the same problems and have reported it several times but haven't heard anything from the moderators or the developers letting me know that they are doing something about it.
I could tolerate the restricted functions if I could actually work my farms without the game crashing. Not being able to fish all of my ponds is costing me several billion coins every day and this is what I use to expand my farms.