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Default How do I purchase Farmcash or coins?

1. Click on the 'Buy Cash' tab above your farm. In the picture below it is indicated with a red arrow.

OR Visit the Bank: Click on the MAP icon and then click on The Bank. In the picture below The Bank is indicated with a red arrow.

2. Choose the amount of farmcash you would like to purchase in the top section of the window, then in the bottom section, select the box beside 'terms of service' and then click on the green 'BUY' square.

3. What you see next will depend on the country you are in and what payment methods Facebook will accept. These are 2 examples of what you could see. Follow the instructions in the picture you have:

Example 1:

Example 2:

Note: for purchases NOT using US dollars. You will not see what it will cost in your currency until you click the BUY button, then it will show you the cost in your currency in the Payment Method window as shown above. If you are not ready to buy yet you can cancel the transaction in that same window.

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