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Default How do I Plow New Fields?

You use the plow tool. You must have enough clear space on your farm for the new field and you must have coins. Each plowed field will cost you 20 coins and earn you 1 XP (experience point: these are what you need to increase your game level) . When you pick up the plow tool and move it over your farm the background of the plow field will be green if there is space for you to plow a new field. If the background is red, there is not enough space.

If you want your plots to be right up against each other instead of having space between each one, you must first make sure that "Remove Spaces Between Fields" is checked in the preferences menu (click on the wrench/spanner icon). Fields which are already plowed or harvested must be deleted first and replowed with this option checked in order to get them right up against each other. This picture shows the difference between plowing without spaces and with spaces. As you can see if you plow without spaces you can fit more fields into roughly the same area.

How do I stop using the tools once I'm done?

Click on the little green man to stop using a tool.

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