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Default What is the Games Activity Panel?

What is the Games Activity Panel?

It is a list of information of which friends have helped you recently.

It is located beneath your game screen and shows some of your friends actions where they interact with you in the game. It can only show around 130 items at a time and will refresh when you reload the game.
This is an example of what you could see:

If there are a lot of items you can use the scroll bar to the right to scroll the list.

You can change what type of Actions it shows at the bottom of the panel by adding or removing the check marks for each of the options:
  • Farming:
    • xxxx is now your neighbour (means you accepted their neighbour request),
    • worked at your farm (harvested, plowed, chopped, fished or planted etc)
    • added you as a SN (Super Neighbour)
    • watered your flowers (includes irrigation when an SN irrigates for you)

    • accelerated your train
    • managed your trains

    • loaded your ship at thier port

    • worked in your faciltiies (regular/production facilities)
    • referred clients to you (service facilities)

    • sent you a gift that you accepted
    • sent you ingredients
    • helped you claim a bonus
    • helped you in your quests
    • traded products with you

You can also change the way the information is sorted. The Sort By options are as follows:
Date - most recent activity

Name - alphabetically

Action - each catergory of actions are grouped together

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