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Default Where is the Chat Window and what is it for?

The Chat Window is located behind your Neighbours Bar where the picture of your friends and their avatars are. This is what it looks like when it is closed. Profile pictures have been blurred for privacy.
Over to the left you can see CHAT. Click on it to open the Chat Window.
Chat will then change to HIDE, click on HIDE to close it and view your neighbours again.

When you are online and in an area where there is another farmer online there, the Chat window will automatically open and you will be able to see what other farmers are saying. There is a scroll bar to the right you can use to see earlier messages if the chat is moving fast and one you wanted to see again goes out of view.

You MUST be in normal screen mode and NOT Full Screen mode to be able to type in the window. This is a limitation of flash which blocked access to the keyboard for security reasons.

To talk to the farmers present just click in the white box at the bottom of the window and start typing. When you have finished typing you can either click the Enter key on your keyboard or click on the SEND button to the right of where you typed your message.

If the window does not automatically open when another farmer is present you can open it yourself by clicking on CHAT. In this case when you click on CHAT you do not have to click in the white box at the bottom of the window, you can just start typing.

The messages you see you can click on to open that person's avatar menu, which you can use to do things like hire them, send a private message, visit their farm. This will only work if the farmer is still present, if they have left you will see a brief message in white telling you so.

The other two icons just above HIDE, when the chat window is open, are for permanently ignoring a user or reporting a user until you decide to remove the block. If a user is just irritating you with what they are saying like repeating similar things over and over again so you can't easily read what others are saying you can Mute them for the session rather than permanently Ignoring them or Reporting them when it's not abusive.

To Mute in This Session you can either click on what they are saying in the chat box OR click on their avatar to get the avatar menu. When you click on that option you will then see a popup message asking you to confirm, check that the correct avatar name is in the popup and then click the green check mark to save or the red X to cancel. Examples:

When you use this option the user is muted for the current session. You start a new session when you reload the game.

To send them to your blocked users list so you will no longer see them in the game you can use the following options which are also on the avatar menu as well as in the chat box:
Ignore User
Report User
Important: ONLY report a user if they are saying something in chat that is abusive or perhaps sexually explicit. Reporting users for no reason will get the reporting user banned from the game. If they are just irritating you or you just don't want to see them in the game use the Mute in This Session option for a temporary solution or if they are often at market doing the same thing you can use the Ignore icon to ignore them permanently until you unblock them. Muting just stops you seeing what they are saying, you will still be able to see their avatar. Ignoring and Reporting methods will send them to your Blocked users and you will not see them again. Report also sends a report to Slashkey.

When you click one of the icons to the left of the chat box a window will open showing you what was seen in the chat window. Hover your mouse over the Name and message of the user you want to block or report and it will turn blue.
Click the message and their name will turn black and the message red.
You will then see at the bottom of the window the name of the user you chose to block. If it's correct click the green check mark to save and then the user will be sent to your blocked users. If it is incorrect click the red X to cancel.

Examples of Ignoring a user:

You also have these icons on in-game messages. If it's a message you want to report use the icons attached to the message rather than the chat window.

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