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Default Edge - How to add Farmtown Flash Enabler.

The Game developers have designed an extension for Chrome to enable Flash player to run automatically instead of giving the browser permission every time you reopen the browser. This extension can also be used in Edge Browser.

This is currently working in Edge Version 83.0.478.45 however Edge are always changing things to disable flash in their updates so we can not guarantee this will continue to work.

How to Add the Chrome FarmTown Flash Enabler to Edge:

  1. Using Edge browser click on the 3 horizontal dots top right of the browser scroll down and click on Extensions
    or you can copy and paste edge://extensions/ into Edge's address bar to get to the same place

  2. Bottom left of the Extensions page, you need to Allow extensions from other stores.

  3. IF FarmTown Flash Enabler is already added to Edge it will show on that page and all you need to do is Enable it, then refresh the tab with the game in.

  4. IF you do not see it listed you then need to click on small link to the right of where you clicked to "Allow extensions from other stores" , sorry but ithe link is not very big, it shows as Chrome Web Store

  5. A new window will open to the Chrome Web Store. Top left of that window is a search box, start typing FarmTown Flash Enabler and when you see it offered to you below where you are typing, click on it.

  6. You will then see the FarmTown Flash Enabler.

  7. Click on

  8. A popup window will show like this

  9. Click on Add Extension

  10. Go back to the Edge Extensions page in the other tab and you should see that the FarmTown Flash Enabler is now showing and is enabled. If it is not Enable it.

  11. Refresh the tab with the Farm Town in it and it will load. This setting will be remembered even when you close and reopen Edge browser, but please remember Edge continually gets updated and it's possible that this may stop working.