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Default How to use the Search Tools

There are several ways to search for something in Farm Town.

When searching we recommend that you avoid using a common name that would get you too many hits. For example when searching for something that exists on your farm, using the word grape , if you had both crops and trees showing, will show you anything using grape in the name so if you had all of these on your farm all of them would show up:
  • purple grapes
  • green grapes
  • grape tomatoes
  • grapefruit tree

When searching in your Harvests&Products storage looking for something like meat lasagna if you were to just search for meat you would likely get a considerable amount of hits as meat is used in the name of many products, whether you got them by making the products yourself or by working a friends facilities. So in this case meat l would work well as would the full name meat lasagna so in some cases you don't have to type in the full name of what you are searching for.

The same goes for searching for something in Item storage depending on what you are looking for. Searching for Tree will not only bring up every tree you have in storage that could used to chop or harvest in Farm Town, but every decorative tree, tree shaker tool, or building where tree is in the name of the item.

Searching for something that exists on your farm.

To see what is on your farm, you need to have a check mark added to Show whatever item you are searching for in your game preferences (also commonly referred to as game settings). So for crops you would need a check mark added for Show crops, for Trees you would need a check mark added for Show Trees, for Facilities you would need a check mark added for the type of facility you want to see (Regular Facilities which includes the Non-Workable Facilities, Service Facilities) and so on.

If you're not sure what category your item is in just show everything possible by clicking on the All button in the top section, then click the green check mark to save the changes.

Then you can use the Search Tool in your toolbox.
Click on your toolbox to open it

Then click on the Search tool.

A search box will open.
You can just search for one item if you want, but for this example we are going to search for 3 items at once, which can be useful when you're wanting to just harvest specific things for quests.

Type in the name of the item you are looking for. In this case, we're wanting to find rosemary, wheat and olive trees so in the search box we type each item separated with a comma like this rosemary,wheat,olive

Then choose whether you want to
  • Highlight matching items - those items would be highlighted in yellow and nothing else would be hidden
  • Hide non-matching items - it will only show the items matching your search criteria and temporarily hide everything else.

For this example we only want to see those specific items so we chose the hide option.

Then click the green check mark.

The game then hides everything else that doesn't match your search criteria

As you can see the rosemary, wheat and the olive trees are showing. The buckwheat also shows as wheat is part of the name.

When you are done you can click on the Show Items button located bottom right of your game screen to bring all the other items back into view.

You have access to this tool, when on your own farms and on any farm that you visit.

Searching the Store, your Storage or the Facility Manager.
In the Store there is a search box top right of the window that you can type in the name of the item or items you are looking for. It Looks like this:

With this one as you type in the box, the items that fit your search criteria come into view. If there are more items fitting your search than can fit in the window you have to use the scroll bar to view more of them.

You can search for several specific items at once by typing in more than one item, or you could use a commonly used word like barn to bring all barns into view, grape will show you anything with grape in the name, seeder would show you all the seeder tools but with that one you will have to scroll the list to see them all as there are quite a few.... and so on.

For example, should you want to buy a wool shed for your farm and also the animals to go into it you could type in llama,sheep,wool. Remember each item has to be seperated with a comma.

Then you will see something like this. Remember decorative animals do NOT give you products. Any animal that shows in the store that has a question mark, you can click on the question mark to see what it produces. If it doesn't have a question mark then it is only for decoration.

The search tool in your storage looks very similar to the one in your toolbox. It's located top right of the storage windows and the Facility Manager. It looks like this:

When you click on that icon you get a search box to type in the name of what you are searching for.

Again you can search for a specific item or several items at once.
Remember common words will likely get you many hits depending on what you have in storage so if you are wanting to find a specific item you will need to type in more of the name of the item.

As there are a considerable amount of items with commonly used words in the description, you may find it easier to filter storage to specific categories rather than viewing all of them at once.

To filter your storage to specific categories there is an AZ icon you can click on. Click on the AZ and then click on the category you want to view.

You can also use this tool while selling your harvests and products, gifts or items at market.

The Facility Manager, which you can use when you have at least 2 different facilities on your farm, is also located in your toolbox, the same search icon is also top right of the window which allows you to search for a specific facility that you have on your farms according to the filters you set the Facility Manager to show. To open the Facility Manger click on the Facility Manger Icon in your toolbox.

When you click on the icon you get a search box to type into. As you type, the facilities that meet your search criteria will come into view. If there are a more than one that meet the criteria you will need to click on the arrows next to the search box to see more of them. This is an example of what to type when searching for all your mills:

Clicking the arrows will show you facilities like metal mill, sawmill, textile and spinning mill, red windmill, stone windmill, watermill as mill is part of those facilities names. If you own a lot of facilities you may be better off searching for the full mane of the facility, so if you only wanted to see the watermill, you type watermill

The Facility Manger can NOT show you if you have more than one of the same facility on the same farm. It will only show you one of them as only one will produce products or stock goods.

There are more details on how to filter the Facility Manager in different ways that you can use to help you search for specific facilities on specific farms in the post about the Facility Manager.

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