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Default What is the Eye for?

What is the Eye for?

When you reach level 10 and you pick up a tool to work the items on your farms like the harvest tool for harvesting crops for example, if you look in the bottom right corner of the game screen you will see an Eye. This gives you the option to hide non-relevant items for the tool you are using.

Click on the Eye to change the setting.

When the Eye is BLACK you still see everything on your farms.

When the eye is RED, you will only see the items the harvest tool can harvest, like fields, trees and flowers. Clicking on an item with the harvest tool will harvest the item then make it temporarily disappear from view, which can be easier for you when you have more items on the farm.

As you progress through the game, use other tools and get more tools you will find the Eye will also show up when using some of those.

When using Full Screen mode:

The Full Screen icon ,indicated in the picture with an arrow, allows you to view the farm much bigger so that it fills the whole screen on your computer.

Click on the icon to go Full Screen, click on it again to return to normal screen.

You must always return to normal screen when you want to chat to someone or to reply or send messages in Farm Town as the keyboard can not be used in Full Screen mode.

When you are using a tool in Full Screen mode you will see another eye with a brown background and some other icons appear:
When it is a black eye with a brown background, you will still see the game panel at the bottom of the game screen and and things like your farms name, game level etc at the top of the game screen.

If you wanted to hide the game panel and other information to give yourself more screen space to work, you just click on the eye to change it to the red eye with a brown background, and those items will disappear from view.

When you want to see them back again you just click on the eye again to change the top eye back to black.

When you switch between the the brown eye settings you will briefly see a message in white, located near the top middle of your screen, that tells you which mode you selected. Examples:

Game panel etc hidden

Game panel etc not hidden.

When using a tool in Minimal mode, red eye brown background, where the game panel etc is hidden you will also see another 2 icons bottom right of the screen:

The yellow toolbox that shows above the 2 eyes is so you can access any other tools that you have. If you have purchased tools, you must make sure that they are placed in your Item storage so they will show up in the Toolbox.

To access the tools in your toolbox just click on the toolbox icon to open it.

When you click on a tool in the toolbox to use, the toolbox will automatically close.

If you change your mind about selecting a different tool just click the white X on the toolbox to close it.

When you have more than one farm, below the 2 eyes, a mini farm selector icon will be shown.

When you click on it the farm selector will expand to show you a grid of all of your farms. To go to another farm just click on the the one you want in that grid.

In the following example, the user has 42 farms. The farm with a yellow background indicates the farm that they are currently on:

Clicking on SHOW NAMES will open a bigger window showing you the names of your farms. To go to a farm click on the name of that farm.

Clicking on DEFAULT would take you to whichever farm you had set to default. You can only set a farm to default when you have more than one farm.

Clicking on LAST will take you to the last one of your own farms that you were on. For example, if had you been on your farm 1 then moved to farm 42, clicking on LAST would take you back to farm 1.

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