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Default How do I get to my neighbours' farm?

If your neighbour is online, a green light appears next to their picture in your neighbour bar which is located at the bottom of the game screen.
Clicking on their picture in the neighbours bar will also give you the following options:
  • "Visit xxx's Farm"
  • "Join xxx": Sends a message to your neighbour asking for permission to join them wherever they are, if they accept, you will navigate to where they are located.
  • "Ask xxx to Join You": Sends a message to your neighbour asking if they want to Join You. If they accept they will navigate to where you are located.

    These options work in almost every place. You or the other user can be on anyone's farms, marketplace, realtor or inn. The exception to this, is if you are trying to join someone on a Private farm, you can not go to a Private farm so you will be taken to their first farm.

The other items in that list let you send a message to them, see their Co-operative Quests, if they are doing them and have at least one open, set them as a Super Neighbour or Remove them as a Neighbour and view their Trading Warehouse.

You can also sell products to your Neighbour via the "Sell Products to xxx", without having to meet up with them, as long as they show online. If they are online they will have a green dot on their picture in the Neighbours bar. You must both be showing online for this to work. When you have sent your offer they will see it wherever they are, once they accept the offer you will receive a message telling you so.
To help you find out if your Neighbour is online you can order your Neighbours bar by Online Status. Click on your own picture or anyone's picture in the Neighbours bar and choose Order by Online Status. All your Neighbours that are online will show to the right of your own picture in the Neighbours bar. The arrows to the left of the Neighbours bar will let you scroll the bar to view more neighbours.

If your neighbour has just come on line and they are not showing as on line you can Refresh Online Statuses. Click on your own picture in the Neighbours bar and choose Refresh Online Statuses.

If you have never sold anything to another farmer before please read Buying and selling between farmers.

Another way to get to a friends farm or a neighbours farm is by clicking on the "My Neighbours" tab above your game screen which takes you to the list of all your neighbours.
If you click on their photo, you will go directly on their farm.

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