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Default New Release -- June 7th, 2010

Hey there,

We just released a new version of FarmTown with the following features/fixes:

1. 10 new levels: More than 20 items, all in coins. More levels comming soon.

2. Textile Mill (coins): Allows you to produce:

- Cotton Textile Rolls from the Cottom crop
- Wool Textile Rolls from the sheep and llamas wool
- Silk Textile Rolls from the Silk Worms. You get the Silk Worms by harvesting the mulberry trees where they live. You get the mulberry tree as gift from friends

3. Sewing Mill (30FC): Allows you to produce:

- Shirts, T-Shirts, Horse Rugs, Harvesting Gloves, Wool Hats, Overalls, Ties and Wedding Dresses

It uses the Textile Rolls from the Textile Mill

4. 2 New crops: Cucumber and Green Grapes

5. You can now produce pickles from the cucumbers on the Food Preserver Factory

6. Winery (Coins): Allows you to produce non-aged wine containers from the Purple and Green Grapes in your storage.

- White Wine Barrel from Green Grapes
- Red Wine Container from Purple Grapes
- Champagne Barrel from Green Grapes

7. Wine Cellar (30FC): Allows you to produce Aged Wine Bottles out of the non-aged Wine Containers that you produced in the Winery. The aged wines can be:

- White Wine Bottles aged 1 and 2 years
- Red Wine Bottles aged 3 and 4 years
- Champagne Bottles aged 5 and 6 years

8. You can now hire others to fish at your farms

9. When you work for others to harvest crops, trees, flowers or to fish, in addition to the coins you get, the Mayor (not from the harvest of the employer) will compensate you with a share of the products:

- When harvesting crops or trees for others you'll get about 10% of what you harvest
- When harvesting flowers for others you'll get about 25% of what you harvest
- When fishing for others you'll get about 50% of what you catch

All products you earn this way will go into your storage.

10. The issue with the fuel should be resolved by now, you can refuel now up to 9999999 gallons at the same time.


Update 1: All new items for the new levels are at the end of the Buildings and Decorations categories.
Update 2: We are currently working on a way to keep incentivized people with 650K+ XP or 90+ level, stay tunned.
Update 3: On point #9, the extra crops for the Employee comes from the Mayor, not the Employer, similar to the way the facilities work.


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