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Default What are the lifelines?

Q: What are the lifelines?

A: Quests Social Lifelines: Social Lifelines allows you to complete Quest Steps by interacting with friends. When you are stuck in a Quest you may decide to use a Social Lifeline to help you move forward.

- Click the lifesaver icon in the top right of the quest window. The type of lifeline given to you is random, so you will not know what it is until you have clicked it. For now there will be 3 different kinds of Social Lifelines:-

- Gifting Lifeline - Allows you to complete Quest Steps by using gifts or ingredients from friends. In this case after you accept the gifts or ingredients you will have to Store them for them to be counted toward your Quest Steps requirements.

Example : If you need an ingredient that can be gifted from the gift page or sent via requesting ingredients from a product in a facility that you own, you can use this lifeline to request the item or exchange a gift for it. Once stored it will count towards your quest.

- Trading Lifeline - Allows you to complete Quest Steps by trading goods with other farmers in the Market. This will help if you need a Primary product ( crops, harvested animal products, tree logs, tree fruits, fish and flowers) that can be bought from another farmer . You would need to meet up with them somewhere in the game and both be on line, then they would click on you to sell you what you need.

You can not buy products made in facilities from another farmer. The exception to this rule is if the product you need is made in a Super Facility. You can use this lifeline to buy from another farmer that has a Super Facility making the product you need. Example: If you needed FarmTown Beer and someone has the Brewery as a Super Facility, they can sell that product to you and it will count for your Quest.

The regular/primary products you buy in your Trading Warehouse do NOT count toward your Quest Trade Lifeline.

- Employee Lifeline - Allows you to complete Quest Steps by working for others in farms or facilities. The product bonuses you get by working for others will count toward your Quest Steps requirements.
This will help if you can gain what you need by being hired to work on a farm or by working a facility to gain the products made in that facility. Example, if the middle part of the quest (not the final step) required a product made in a facility that you do not own yet but a neighbour does, you can work their facility to gain that product for part of your quest.

Lifelines can not be used for the final step of the Quest (1st box shown top left of the Quest). Also, you can only have 1 lifeline in use at any given time.

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